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Keeping busy

I have been too busy with customers jobs than my own site. November and December is my organization and catch up months I will have more time to work on my own website and finishing this one.

Back to my website

Sometime the small things in life take up the most time. So I am  back to finish my custom portfolio website.

What platform to choose for a Blog?

Looking for what platform to choose when starting up a blog or website? There are so many content management systems to choose from that makes it more difficult to even get started. Start by deciding who your target market is and  you want to acheive with your blog/website. This makes finding the right CMS/Blog platform […]

WordPress templates

WordPress has many features to make web designing an ease, but it does have isues when it comes to custom designing templates.

Judith Hayes

The first custom website  design  for Judith was a campaign website for  a position with the board of Trustees in the City of Kawartha Lakes area. After Judith won her position, I re-designed the website to fit her new position. Judith no longer needed to have a website of her own and is now discontinued.